Chloe Chia                                                                                              

I'm an undergrad at Berkeley (class of ‘26) from Southern California (Orange County).
I’m interested in understanding how human behavior is impacted by urban design, especially in dense cities. 

chloechia (at) berkeley (dot) edu

︎ Previously... 

✷ I was in Cambridge, MA for summer 2023 interning at MIT Senseable City Lab. Grateful to Emergent Ventures for supporting my research. 

✷ Before college, I wrote a cold email that sent me to Tempe, Arizona. Worked on growth at Culdesac, a company building the 1st car-free neighborhood in the US. I like to write about it here @ Milky Cities

✷ I made Munch (order food by text) my sophomore year in high school. Everyday, I picked a shopping plaza and pitched to 10 restaurants/day after school (hit every restaurant within a 15 mile radius of my home). We were partnered with 25 local restaurants (Flame Broiler, Nekter, Yogurtland, and more).

I am the #1 fan of Hainan Chicken Rice, mango lassis, and karaoke. Half Taiwanese 🇹🇼 and half Singaporean 🇸🇬

︎ Writing

(July 2023) on running a react learning group in college - link
(May 2023) another few lessons i’ve picked up - link
(June 2022) stuff i’ve learned - link 

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